Data Visualization and Analytics

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The key to a solid working relationship with your sites and CRO partners is ensuring proper management during all stages of a trial. Go beyond traditional reporting to recognize patterns and identify outliers easily with our Confero Visualization Technology.

Clinical data visualizations enable you to see relationships and patterns in data — they supplement the tables and reports traditionally found in clinical trial management. Confero data visualization enables you to track connections between operations and overall trial performance. This solution integrates with your clinical applications to collect trial data and other relevant information in one place, formatting it into graphics, charts, and dashboards that clarify data insights. Aggregate thousands of variables from disparate systems, no matter the source.

Quartesian Confero dashboard screen

Benefits of our Confero Visualization Technology:

  • Identify data issues or functions that require special attention
  • Perform ad-hoc analyses
  • Monitor and investigate data
  • Increase the quality of clinical trial reporting
  • Aggregate data from any source into one interface
  • Translate aggregated data into usable analysis, via historical trends and real-time alerts
  • Use charts or graphs to summarize complex data within on-demand and real-time dashboards, ensuring faster comprehension of relationships than cluttered reports or spreadsheets, including:
    • Real-time analytics
    • Central monitoring views
    • Risk-based monitoring insights

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